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Intruder Alarm System

Alarm, security and emergency system (formerly Electronic Security Alarm - EZS) is a basic building block of an integrated security system. The main function of PZTS is to detect and signal an attempt to disturb a guarded area, usually defined by a mechanical obstacle (eg fence, building walls, doors, windows).

We offer top and flexible solutions in terms of hardware and software control. We offer the entire alarm, security and emergency system in the highest possible security class according to ČSN EN 50131-1.

The PZTS system will provide information about the time and place of the violation. To properly evaluate the security situation and effective intervention, it is necessary to have image information - a camera system. The integrated security system with a camera system automatically provides the image or sound for effective evaluation of the situation. For demanding customers, we design and develop tailor-made solutions with extensive system control capabilities for system operators, with a number of authorization levels, the ability to monitor and guard individual zones (eg offices, rooms) using an authorization-based touch terminal and other advanced security signaling features.

Zabezpečovací signalizace