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Access Control Systems

The access system allows you to control and manage the access of people and the entry of vehicles through mechanical barriers (eg doors, turnstiles, gates, barriers). We offer comprehensive access solutions, including the supply of mechanical restraints.

According to the customer's needs, we supply access systems with unique functionalities - such as increased security mode. This feature allows an immediate response to a change in the security situation and automatically changes the characteristics of the access system (eg introduces a rule of two people entering areas in need of higher protection, prevents unaccompanied visits to the premises, prevents people from accessing selected areas).

Comprehensive solutions for entering and entering areas with a special control procedure, use our state-of-the-art technologies and thus guarantee a high level of safety, compliance with control procedures and smooth flow and transit.

Advanced features include facilitating the management of people leaving a campus or building during an evacuation, where the software installed on the laptop is complemented by a portable card or identifier reader. These portable devices can be used off-site in offline mode.

Přístupové systémy