EBIS celebrates 30 successful years on the market...
Security is always excessive, until it's not enough.
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  • For more than 30 years we have designed, supplied and integrated cutting-edge security solutions for high-security facilities, particularly in critical infrastructure and nuclear facilities.

  • We design, develop and test the unique security products of world-class manufacturers.

  • EBIS designs robust and reliable solutions with a long lifespan, designed according to customer needs. We provide cost-effective solutions which are designed based on our security analysis.

  • We build distributed as well as centralized systems based on customer needs. We offer highly-qualified services (Secret Clearance in Czechia), products with the highest security certification and extensive experience in demanding industrial environments.

The company specializes in designing and supplying high-quality integrated security solutions. Our focus is on the comprehensiveness of our services and products as well as the maximum reliability and durability of the solutions we supply. The company is engaged in the following areas of business: critical infrastructure, industrial security, security of nuclear facilities and materials, and other facilities of high importance.

Security Analyses and Reports

Security Analyses and Reportstaking advantage of world-class 2D and 3D tools, we provide both security and cost-effective security solutions in relation to potential risks.

Design and Engineering

Design and Engineeringassures a quality design basis for the implementation of your project, technical supervision of the project and high-quality elaboration of the as-fitted documentation.

Systems and Technologies

Systems and Technologieswe develop and supply are robust, integrated and thoroughly tested, with an emphasis on maximum reliability and cost-effectiveness.


Serviceswe provide are comprehensive, starting from analysis, design and implementation through to full-scale testing, periodic testing and technical support.

Technical support 24/7, service and testing

Technical support 24/7, service and testingwithin the Czech Republic are based on a customer’s direct contact with qualified technical staff and detailed technical system monitoring.

Research and Development (R&D)

Research and Development (R&D)holds an important position in our company. We design and develop specific HW components and SW tools to support robust security solutions and evaluate their effectiveness.

Integrated Security Systems

Designing and supplying integrated security solutions is the company's main area of interest. Compared to ordinary systems, which are often implemented as a stand-alone isolated functional unit, our integrated systems are built with a complete functional and data interconnection on the lowest-possible HW level. Maximum reliability and robustness, as well as the lowest possible dependence on software of a supplied solution, are secured in this way.


Modular solution of key management and management of small objects with advanced security features and high user comfort.


US manufacturer of integrated security solutions, which are deployed in thousands of installations globally.


Multi-server (Enterprise) SW solution that integrates security for stand-alone regional systems.


Highly reliable turnstile and gate solution of all sizes suitable not only for fire escape routes, but also for design-sensitive environments.

We'd be happy to provide you with more information about these solutions if you contact us.