EBIS celebrates 30 successful years on the market...
Security is always excessive, until it's not enough.

Systems and technologies

We develop and supply integrated systems that provide comprehensive security for buildings and premises, including access, camera, attendance and visitor systems, key and subject management, perimeter protection systems, fire alarms, intercom and other systems.

We are a system integrator, we supply both systems of Czech and foreign partners . We have been a partner and distributor of the Apollo Security system for the Czech Republic for more than 25 years. We offer a complete Apollo solution in the Czech language, support, service 24/7 throughout the Czech Republic.

We are developing a EISS integrated security system , which allows us to offer customers customized features and functions.

For companies with multiple geographically separated organizational units, we offer Enterprise EISS solution , which enables central management, security management regional units and at the same time the independent autonomous operation and control of their security. Such companies are typically energy, telecommunications, transport and other entities with a more complex organizational structure.

We supply the following subsystems, which can be implemented individually or as an integrated whole. Depending on the customer's needs, we offer a suitable integrated solution.

Integrované systémy Integrované systémy Integrated Systems Intruder Alarm System Intruder Alarm System Access Control Systems Access Control Systems CCTV Systems CCTV Systems Key Deposits Key Deposits Time & Attendance Systems Time & Attendance Systems Perimeter protection Perimeter protection Fire Alarm Systems Fire Alarm Systems Visiting systems Visiting systems Other systems Other systems